Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Stories about ghosts and spirits have been heard and recorded through the centuries. It is a fact that every culture has its own collection of stories and histories about the existence and interaction with non-physical entities. Although ghosts are sometimes 'seen', more often their presence is noticed by something else than any of the 5 senses. In spite of all the witness evidence and extraordinary psychokinetic phenomenon observed, there is still no conclusive proof for the existence of ghosts, spirits or any other non-physical entity.
Many well known stories not only inform us about the existence of non-physical entities, but as well about the communication, interaction and involvement of these beings with our world. Many Religion for instance believe in a some sort of direct communication between humanity, gods and angels.
The popular belief that humans can directly communicate with non-physical entities exist over thousands of years. Every culture and civilization knows of ways to communicate or interact with their spirit world, often using terms like praying, meditation or séance.
Further to the possible existence of pure non-physical entities, there is the belief that each human being has a spirit, often referred to as the soul. Although two physical objects cannot exist in the same space-time, a non-physical entity (a soul) and a physical entity (a body) could possibly share the same spot.
Although there is no proof that humans indeed may have a soul, religions treat it as an important part of being alive. Often indicating that life on earth is only a short stop on the road of existence, and that the journey of the soul continues in the after life. The soul is believed to be immortal, time has no effect on it.