Wednesday, February 11, 2009

chathan seva

Chathan Seva and Kanady Madom
The Trichur district which is the cultural capital of the state,can rightfully claim pre-eminence above all its neighbouring districts in the state for its abundance of famous and old temples.
Over and above there are many magicaly spiritual and famous Chathan Seva Madom which are well known for a variety of reasons. One of the famous of these the Kanadi Madom was established by the famous Konnacharya. Who was initiated into spritual and vedic studies in his early days by the Naga saints and Rishies of North India. In the evening of his life, Konnacharya wanted his vast plethora of spritual knowledge and study to be made available to the people of Kerala at his own birth place.
Konnacharya succeeded in bringing his Upasana Murthi Bhagavan Sakshal Chathan Swami to his birthplace and in establishing the premises of his house at Peringottukara near Thrissur as the abode of his lord.Bhagavan Chathan is an incarnation of Lord Siva. He is said to be born as a child of Lord Siva. His birth has a purpose and it has been extolled in legends. He was begotten our to anmihilate the demon Bringhasura out of the incessant requests and prayers of the Devas in the heaven. According to legends Bhavagan Chathan at his seventh year killed the demon.